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Connecting Dots

Our Services

We provide our clients with high value-added services.
By relying on our expertise, you can focus on your business.

Cyber Security

We offer our clients high-level cybersecurity services such as:

  • Pentest

  • Forensics

  • Vulnerability assessment

  • Cyber Security design and implementation

  • Zero-Trust design

  • System Hardening

  • Consulting

  • E-reputation: analysis and cleaning

R&D: Artificial Intelligence, Innovation

The objectives of innovation can be multiple and can vary depending on your business goals:

  • Build strong security around your data assets

  • Transform business processes into automated IT functions

  • Develop applications that open new markets

  • Migrate your IT processes and functions to the cloud

  • Assist you in developing innovative products

  • And so forth...


At ENKI SOLUTIONS, we also take on the challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Whatever the complexity of your project, we intervene in different fields:

  • Conversational intelligence

  • Visual recognition

  • Predictive marketing

  • Cognitive analysis

  • and many others

To achieve your goals and provide you with the most effective IT functionality, we rely on algorithms developed through years of research.

Cloud Computing

Need modularity, performance, isolation and portability for your applications? Our experts can help you deploy your microservices infrastructure.

Our expertise in cloud technologies allows us to build a relevant, sustainable and economically viable strategy for your business.

For a successful transformation to Open Infrastructure, our expert consultants will support you in your projects thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of OpenSource infrastructures and DevOps concepts: OpenStack, Automation, Orchestration, Serverless, Edge Computing, CI/CD...


Obsolete or old data encryption standards have prompted us to develop powerful and innovative algorithms that ensure data confidentiality, integrity and authenticity for our Customers' encryption/decryption needs.

The CTO of ENKI SOLUTIONS has developed a new encryption paradigm based on chaotic events.

Today, we are proud to beat, in terms of performance - security - methods, crypto standards such as: RSA, AES, DES...

This new innovative encryption/decryption method is patented and registered in a bailiff's blockchain in over 180 countries.

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